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November 10, 2010



I'm so thrilled for you, Leslie! It is hard to grasp how your life will change....there's no preparation for it, that's for certain. I'll be praying that you have a peaceful few weeks before her arrival. :)


So good to hear from you! What an exciting time for you and h-kun; I wish you all the best in your preparations for the wonderful soon-to-be new arrival!


leslie, i've been thinking of you and am so happy to hear your update. it's all so exciting!


It sounds like you're in good form! I remember feeling when we had our son that it was like being hit by a train. But loving it. So much. I'm exactly as far along as you, funny to think of our babies growing at the same time :)


Looking gorgeous- Sounds like you are very well prepared (hospital bag? what hospital bag..?) and in a relaxed (albeit excited) state of mind- a great state to be in.

Lisa Fine - lisasfoods

So exciting! I'll be thinking of you in the coming weeks.

Loved this list of your thoughts - your honesty is really admirable.


wow.. 35 weeks already. i'm excited for you. it'll be hard, but it'll be really, really great too. i remember with fondness the last weeks of my pregnancy. it's all so amazing -- pregnancy, birth, new life. it sounds like you're enjoying yourself! :)


I am so excited for you! Being a mommy is a wonderful ride, best I have ever been on.


So exciting, your whole life is about to change in the most amazing way. Enjoy every single second! -kb


oh that's so exciting! good luck :)


that was the day my little boy was born. :D

Outlook 2010

I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

Outlook 2010

I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

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