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November 19, 2010



I don't know if anything is missing from your list but I'm sure you'll use those little cloths. A friend of my sister had a baby last September (wow - that's over a year ago) and said she could never have too many things for wiping stuff up :)

ps. Thanks for your comment the other day. I keep meaning to email you back and forgetting until I'm out somewhere.


I would spend the last month...relaxing, spending quality time with your husband, watching films at the cinema, eating out, reading books and enjoying the calm and quiet of a house without children.

These were all things my mum told me to do when I was about 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Of course, I didn't listen to her as I was just SOOO excited but now...two kids in I realise how wise her words were.



wow wow wow! what stylish burp clothes! i just used plain old cotton white ones, which actually did the job very well, but yeah, burp clothes were a must.

for me, the thing two things that i ended up not being to live without when my children were babies were my breast feeding pillow (mine was called "my breast friend" ha!) and my baby sling (carrier). i imagine with all the cool fabric you have you could actually make your own baby sling (i've seen patterns for them). i loved carrying my babies and didn't use a stroller much. i liked my breastfeeding pillow because it actually had a little back support (it wasn't open in the back like a boppie)and it wrapped around my waist. for some reason, adjusting pillows to feed my babies just didn't work for me.

i agree with kate, RELAX, enjoy spending time with h-kun (movies, eating out), eating out, reading, and living on your own time table. also, just enjoy sleeping. after kids, sleeping becomes a luxury! he he he!

i'm very excited for you guys! thanks for sharing with us! :)


Maybe some bunting for the wall, maybe a simple mobile (the little stuffed owls could hang from a string!) Remember babies see black and white well in the first few months, so a black and white mobile is a good idea.
And yes you MUST sleep in, eat out, and go to the movies NOW!!
It is nice to have some simple sewing to do after the baby is born. Enjoy the happy times ahead! :)


Your burp cloths are wonderful, it will be nice to have something pretty to look at, I find having some nice things like that are refreshing. I found I used a lot of what I didn't think I would (burp cloths) and didn't use some of the things I though I had to have (some of those gadgets). I think your list is great, and the suggestions in the comments too. Take care!

Amanda Elizabeth

I love these so much!!!! they are incredibly wonderful!


Those are the most beautiful burp cloths! I used this same size with my little guy and loved it best of all I had. It's so exciting to be expecting your first in just a few weeks, it really does change your life and that is part of the adventure of life!


Did you use a pattern for the burp cloths or do you have a link? I really like these!

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Outlook 2010

I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

Outlook 2010

I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sfdsagsg

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