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January 15, 2011



You have crossed to the dark side and you will probably never look back!

I love the hook, have fun x


:D I have been busy crocheting too, I really need to go back to my sewing machine soon.

I just finished my granny square garland (http://curatingcuteness.com/2011/01/this-and-that/) and I'm making a blanket which is essentially a giant granny square. I think I'm at 25cm right now, it's addictive!

By the way, Leslie, my pinterest nickname is "duringmyheyday".


Is crocheting hard? That's what has always put me off it!


Yay! Someone else is learning too :)

My sister taught me to crochet a little over a year ago and I'm gradually getting more comfortable with it. I love how quickly it goes (compared to knitting) and the textures and shapes you can get.


i gave up on knitting too! wow, the garland looks great... have fun!!!


crochet is fabulous... more portable than knitting too.

and totally addictive!!


oh crocheting... I just can't make you work well for me. but i want to make a granny square blanket so badly.


hey my friend... glad you're enjoying the learning - it was fun - and I LOVE the colours you picked!


I can't believe you are taking something new on! I'm happy you are doing something for yourself.


That's awesome! I just noticed that the fuchsia pink used is nearly the same as mentioned in your previous pot.

shelley aldrich


I stumbled across your blog while searching for Japanese material and felt compelled to say Hello!
I guess I found your experience in Japan so interesting as I would love to visit one day. I also have a new little girl and love to craft. Have a wonderful day!


oh my,
your blog is looking a bit fabulous!
keep up the fancy work fox friend!
thanks for ze inspiraiton! <3

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I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

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