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January 28, 2011


Devon Bartlett

My hometown is Denver, Colorado and I love that you posted the chinook link. So true! It makes such a lovely town to live in!

Love the family picture project that you have been trying to do. You should all sit by the chair and take a picture every month! Nothing like watching yourself age! ;)


I love those animal cards! So adorable. Did you make them yourself, or where did you get them?


I can very much relate to point #7! It used to be the same with me!


I've been there with the milk!


Anika looks so beautifully peaceful!...though I am sure she is not all the time!! :)


Good luck with the move and starting back at work! Big transitions.


Anika looks so adorable - and most definitely will have great hair one day (already has but doesn't care much about that now... more important later!).
Hope the move will go/ went smoothly!


best of luck with the move and starting to work again!
also, you're killing me with these shots of anika, SO cute!


I spilled milk all over one of the office floors (with carpet) while pumping at work. You're lucky you get to stay home with the wee one!


The Ali qute is a great one. I have also decided to start working from home. I prefer not using this 1 crazy life I have, to work a 9 to 5.

Microsoft Office

I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

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