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January 04, 2011


Diane Loehr

She is beautiful! I'm so glad things are going better. Enjoy these days


Such beautiful observations- I am inspired to do something similar (lets see if inspiration translates into implementation). Oh yes, I have to steer clear of chocolate and caffine too! We're doing formula supplementation at night time at the moment- not too much, but helps ensure mama has some good rest. Best wishes for the next month.
ps- love the chair and photo


My first was exactly the same way with foods - it does get easier and easier. It sounds like it's been an amazing month. What a great shot too.

Lisa Fine

So beautiful. While she may have had a hard time in the red chair, the photo is stunning.

Looking forward to more updates.


Gorgeous baby, great photo. And I love your way of keeping track of her early days--keep it up! I recently looked back through the log I kept when 2nd Child was an infant--she's nearly 17 now and it's astonishing how many of our early descriptions of her still fit today. Happy parenting to you!


I didn't read about your feeding troubles until just now - our own little one arrived on the 11th of December, so I've been busy :) I just wanted to say that if you want (more) support on the feeding, feel free to email me - I went through the same thing with my first and it was the hardest thing I've ever gone through. Fortunately, all the hard work paid off and I ended up breastfeeding happily until he was 15 months. We've had some issues this time around too, but we're managing - although it still cost a few tears... Your girl is so beautiful, by the way. That hair!


oh I just love all of these sweet little things about your wee one. and she is just so cute. oh and I like the red chair.


yup, tears in my eyes after reading this! so beautiful leslie, i am SO, SO happy for you!
(i owe you an email, i'm terrible. it's coming. i need to get my butt in gear..)


Good for you for recording all these wonderful memories! I sure wish I had, but was in such a haze I didn't. Hope all is going smoother, sounds like it is. Happy New Year!


Such a beautiful post! :)


She is so beautiful and growing so fast! I love your descriptions - so lovely.

Rosa Navas



That was one of the sweetest things I have ever read! I loved the list of things about her. What a wonderful memory for both her and you later in life.


this brought a tear to my eye. such beautiful words and memories. i've made random little lists about sam, too, each month. it makes me sad that i didn't for ella. they are such different babies. i wish i could remember more about when she was this tiny. our challenges got in the way a little. i love that you are documenting her first month with words and photos. and that things are becoming easier. and have i told you she is just the cutest?

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