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January 08, 2011


Cheryl Lynn

I love the new normal, my friend. Love your reflections, what you are learning, how you are growing... and seeing you become a mom! Love you!


aww :) so lovely to hear...and so very well said. that you are still you. with an extra special little someone beside you making you smile and filling your heart with love. and the new normal...love it :)

melissa f.

she is a beauty, leslie.


I love your observations, Leslie :) And that little girl...what a sweetie!


I love how you say "creating a new normal" - I'm sure that's very true with new mothers. Good luck and stay happy!


'Creating a new normal' is a beautiful phrase and hits the nail on the head exactly (my little one is 6 and a half weeks old). I take a bit of comfort from what you've said because it hasn't been easy so far. Your photos are beautiful and so is Anika!


Good for you! I am glad to hear things are going well, it is incredibly hard but incredibly rewarding.


beautiful post. i just love reading your journey of motherhood. it reminds me of when my first was born, but unlike you, i don't know that i could've expressed things so eloquently! he he he! i was a wreck and overwhelmed, but still thought motherhood was the best thing that happened to me.

"creating a new normal" indeed. it is never the same, but it is wonderful. like kirsten said, it is incredibly hard, but incredibly rewarding.

so glad that things are working themselves out.

happy, happy new year to you. :)


oh she is lovely. it's so true and i love how you say it, "i'm creating a new normal."

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