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February 10, 2011



funny. last week was a doozy for me as well. earlier this evening i had written a looong e-mail to one of my friends about my doozy of a week. this week is better. much better. and i'm lucky to have a great husband who gives me love and support whenever i need it. and my children, they keep me going. :)

glad that you have people around you, anika's smile, and yummy food! :)


Cheer up soon, Leslie! Big hugs :)


There's always a little something to get you through :) Hope next week is a better one, Leslie.


I'm sorry you've had such a rough week, Leslie. I hope things are looking up very soon. Hang in there :)


Hugs from Seattle, hang in there. Gotta love the pancakes, are the Bob's Red Mill GF ones? Those are the best we have found, I like them but Royal doesn't so that does us no good.

Amanda Elizabeth

GF = BEST! I didn't know you did GF! I was allergic to wheat for YEARS. I can eat it now but I have a few GF favorites I can't give up...mostly Pamela's Shortbread cookies..haha. ;) giving you hugs.

Microsoft Office

I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

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