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February 02, 2011



sometimes i think you have to be a blogger to understand a blogger ;)
I know what you mean. and i'm thankful for the internet too.

Anika looks gorgeous, so cute.


I stumbled across you after following Ella's link.lovely blog,and yes I know about the friends we make through the internet.I remember the first time I was going to meet up with a now very good friend,My mum was convinced she was an axe murderer!!! if I hadn't followed my gut and listened to her I would never have had such a wonderful person enter my life.My mum just didn't get it,my hubby even looks at me cock eyed sometimes when I mention a friend and he'll enquire who,i'll say,you know,so and so from that blog i love and he'll respond with a slow yeeeeeeeeeees!!LOL,


This is the cutest pick of Anika I've seen so far. Her hair is so fluffy and sweet. That's one thing I love more and more as time goes on. Sniffing my baby's hair. I'm sure you know what I mean. And thanks for the shout out! I remember feeling like such a stalker the first time I emailed you about your blog, but of course, I'm SO glad I did!


The Internet is wonderful that way, isn't it. I've met some lovely people too - people I would never have otherwise met. That little girl of yours gets cuter in every photo!


I loved the knitted sweater, hats and blanket from Ruut! They are perfectly made.

Amanda Elizabeth

sweetest post ever.


awww, look at that little tongue.
yay internet friends!!!


My best thoughts are with Keina-chan, whatever she's going through. Annika-chan is just melting my heart with her sweetness.

Microsoft Office

I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

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