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February 03, 2011



Definitely growing bigger! Good to hear it's going well :)


Your post brings me back to when my baby daughter was 2 months old (she is almost 6 months now).

So many good memories - definitely many challenges too but it's funny how I easily forget those and concentrate on the good ones !


You are SO going to need a bigger chair!


oh my, she's growing and is so, so cute! i *love* this list and i *love* that you call her monkey-pants. you'll see why on saturday :) that is one of our nicknames for ella which has stayed with her all the way until now...i wonder which one will stick with anika?


Your posts are just so beautiful. Thank you :)


she's gorgeous. and what a beautiful letter to her.


she's such a beautiful, sweet girl :)


your descriptions are so real. i am so glad you are taking the time to be so present.


love, love, love your monthly notes to anika. i wish i had thought of doing this when my children were born...and then at the time, i wish i had the energy and time. but, i am so inspired by these notes...so inspired that i told myself better late than never. today i started notebooks to each of my three children. in my books i'm writing letters to them when i am moved to do so, and for each month, i have started keeping notes, just as you have. thank you for your inspiration.

anika is soooooo cute. and your love for her is precious.

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I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf


So fun to follow the cute photos of your daughter on that red chair :)

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