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April 25, 2011



the binding is very pretty indeed! :)

i loved that japan quilt you made up, and this one looks like it will be just as fabulous! :)

how very neat that your auntie started collecting bird! i love when things like that happen! :) what a great pot holder.

thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! so nice and generous of you! let's see, where i live, the weather stays pretty nice all year around, so i'd have to say what i like about spring is that i can tell the days are starting to get longer! yay!

Veronica Darling

Such beautiful photos and colours!

Karen LePage

Spring - what I love about it, is that running becomes more enjoyable, and it's so much closer to Summer than Winter is!


I love spring for all the flowering trees...the Magnolias are my favorite!
Oh, and I weigh...HA!

Can't wait to see how this Japan quit comes out.


Above zero temperatures! (And all the green stuff that eventually follows that :)

Congrats on your pot holder. I really like the rounded corners. All of mine are getting kind of old and you've reminded me that I can make some new ones myself. :)

Lisa Fine

I love that pot holder - it's so cute.

My favorite part of spring is the color. I feel like winter is so grey and barren, and all of a sudden these lovely little brilliant bursts of color in flowers shines through.

tami lyn

My favorite thing about spring is the sakura, even as a child when I didn't know what to call them...


What I like most on spring? The growing and opening. The small little seed is coming up to a big plant! So UNBELIEVABLE! So WONDERFUL, so PEERLESS!

I like most sakura and peonies. (A little bit too early, but today I saw beautiful peonies at the zoo - in front of the ducks. All white and big and with bright yellow stamens.)

Hope to have a chance at your giveaway - I would love it!



I love spring because it brings about a change in the air and in me! Looking forward to longer days, jogs without gloves and hats on, rain boots and summer shoes, dresses without stockings and leggings... the list goes on and on! :) Love the potholder!...binding scares me a bit too much right now.


I love spring because it happens so fast here in Mtl. the flowers bloom overnight and it seems like summer is just moments away. And spring mean asparagus. Yummmmmmmmm!


love your potholder! I keep dreaming of making some, but never seem to make the time.

spring is so awesome because of all the unexpected flowers that pop up. oh, and all thosee blessed dandelions! I love them so much (and all my kids know that and bring me a daily dandelion bouquet :)


I love spring because of all the Vitamin D to lift my spirits! Some days I feel as though I could fly!

Oh - and I weigh 98 pounds. (just kidding)


I love spring because of the way it is filled with promise and good things to look forward to. Plus now, it reminds me of when I got married! I love to think about all the things to come, holidays, great weather, new opportunities.

I weigh too much, but do you know what? I don't care!!


I cannot wait to see your new Japan quilt, the colours are so beautiful. I love Spring because it makes me feel renewed. Everything becomes a wash of colour and new growth is everywhere.


I am trying to bind a big (two hand) pot holder with rounded corners and struggling, any tricks to suggest?


Oh yes, and I love spring because of the cherry blossoms, and it means the warm weather is finally, hopefully, on it's way.


The binding looks so pretty. can I touch it?

right now I'm loving the birds, and that my baby girl learned the ASL sign for birds. :)


oh leslie, i am loving these peeks at your projects. i can't wait to see the japan quilt, i love the colors and prints you've chosen!
and that potholder is fantastic. i've been wanting to try one for a while now, but i think the rounded corners might kill me.

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I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

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